Colin & Mrs Lovejoy first meet

The Pair enjoy a laugh!

Mrs Lovejoy

The Bed & Breakfast
A comedy

Starring.. Jacqueline Frost & Glyn Doggett


Late at night, a salesman on his way north stops in the middle of nowhere at a small B&B. It's his first day in a new job selling something particularly boring to incredibly boring people. Yet it's a decent wage with good commission, also comes with a car, unlimited mileage, sensible pension, the possibility of promotion and at the end of the day it offers relative security in the changing world. His head is clear, his outlook optimistic and the world is his oyster. All he needs now is a good night's rest before he launches his product on the unsuspecting business world. However, the owner of the B&B that he stops at turns out to be....

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Colin samples the wine!

A light snack before bed.

Mrs Lovejoy dances while Colin starts to feel the effects of the wine!