Jennifer Cramer & Pippa Tompkins

Mrs Principle

Jennifer & Pippa in search of the murderer!

The Guilty
A whodunnit

Starring.. Joanne Farnham, Jacqueline Frost, Lindsay Harding & Michelle Whitney


Once again the Marples and Poirots amoungst you get your chance to solve a seemingly simple mystery. Usual fomat: we supply notepad and pen, you work out who did it, how and why, and win a superb bottle of wine! This can then be taken home with our compliments in order to celebrate your promotion to the ranks of Super Sleuth! How can you not win? There's only four in the cast, for crying out loud?! But it may not be as easy as it seems; last year a thousand people saw the show and only seven got it completely right!

How clever are you?

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Mrs Seaman & Mrs Bunsen

Miss Sprint with Jenninfer & Pippa

The Company