Little Red Riding My Manhood
Adult Panto

Starring Glen Davies, Carrie Laurence, Davina Dewrance and Nick Hooton



Can it be a year already? Can it be time for that awful adult panto again?! What wonderful children's story are they going to ruin this time? Well, it's the turn of Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf, Grandma and any other characters we can incorporate! We do start off each year trying to remain faithful to "the original story", but someting seems to happen during the writing and rehearsal period. This year the play will involve a few more actors as we try to keep this tried and tested event fresh and entertaining! The same old jokes, awful acting and ridiculous characters are forged into a farcical situation that will undoubtedly have you rolling in the aisles!

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Glen Davies as Mother!

The Set for Little Red Riding My Manhood!