Adult History of Great Britain Part 1
Adult History of Great Britain Part1

A farcical rewriting of the history of Great Britain, as told through the eyes of the Bronte sisters.

This fast-moving adult comedy revue; full of facts, irrelevancies and bits made up, features songs, sketches and short monologues from three actresses who play a multitude of characters from the historical pages of British history.

Think Horrible Histories but for adults.

This show will preview at The Market Theatre in Hitchin before it's run at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. See below for links to the Edinburgh Fringe sites.

at The Edinburgh Festival 2012
Venue - Laughing Horse @ the FREE Sisters (Maggies Front Room)

Friday 3rd August - 2.05pm
Saturday 4th August - 2.05pm
Sunday 5th August - 2.05pm
Monday 6th August - 2.05pm
Tuesday 7th August - 2.05pm
Wednesday 8th August - 2.05pm
Thursday 9th August - 2.05pm
Friday 10th August - 2.05pm
Saturday 11th August - 2.05pm
Sunday 12th August - 2.05pm
Monday 13th August - 2.05pm
Tuesday 14th August - 2.05pm
THIS IS A FREE SHOW - Donations can be given at the end of the performance

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