Fanny In Stilettos
Fanny In Stilettos poster

A new version of ‘Puss in Boots’ brought to you by the Market Theatre. Each year we take a traditional and much-loved pantomime and changes it beyond all recognition, filling it with extreme over-acting, sexual innuendo, corny jokes, sexual innuendo, a farcical fun-filled plot and all rounded off with a large dose of…sexual innuendo!

If easily offended stay at home!

‘ a Carry on Film made by a Rugby Club!’ Stage Newspaper

Dates in Hitchin:
Tour Dates

Wed 5th Dec - 8.00pm
Thur 6th Dec - 8.00pm
Fri 7th Dec - 7.30pm
Fri 7th Dec - 9.00pm
Sat 8th Dec - 7.30pm
Sat 8th Dec 9.00pm
Mon 10th Dec - 8.00pm
Tue 11th Dec - 8.00pm
Wed 12th Dec - 8.00pm
Thur 13th Dec - 8.00pm
Fri 14th Dec - 7.30pm
Fri 14th Dec - 9.00pm
Sat 15th Dec - 7.30pm
Sat 15th Dec - 9.00pm
Mon 17th Dec - 8.00pm
Tue 18th Dec - 8.00pm
Wed 19th Dec - 7.30pm
Wed 19th Dec - 9.00pm
Thur 20th Dec - 7.30pm
Thur 20th Dec - 9.00pm
Fri 21st Dec - 7.30pm
Fri 21st Dec - 9.00pm
Sat 22nd Dec - 7.30pm
Sat 22nd Dec - 9.00pm
Thur 27th Dec - 8.00pm
Fri 28th Dec - 7.30pm
Fri 28th Dec - 9.00pm
Sat 29th Dec - 7.30pm
Sat 29th Dec - 9.00pm

Thur 3rd Jan - 8.00pm
Fri 4th Jan - 7.30pm
Fri 4th Jan - 9.00pm
Sat 5th Jan - 7.30pm
Sat 5th Jan - 9.00pm
Thur 10th Jan - 8.00pm
Fri 11th Jan - 7.30pm
Fri 11th Jan - 9.00pm
Sat 12th Jan - 7.30pm
Sat 12th Jan - 9.00pm
Thur 17th Jan - 8.00pm
Fri 18th Jan - 7.30pm
Fri 18th Jan - 9.00pm
Sat 19th Jan - 7.30pm
Sat 19th Jan - 9.00pm
Thur 24th Jan - 8.00pm
Fri 25th Jan - 7.30pm
Fri 25th Jan - 9.00pm
Sat 26th Jan - 7.30pm
Sat 26th Jan 9.00pm
Thur 31st Jan - 8.00pm

Fri 1st Feb - 7.30pm
Fri 1st Feb - 9.00pm
Sat 2nd Feb - 7.30pm
Sat 2nd Feb - 9.00pm
Fri 8th Feb - 7.30pm
Fri 8th Feb - 9.00pm

Sat 9th Feb - 7.30pm
Sat 9th Feb - 9.00pm
Fri 15th Feb - 7.30pm
Fri 15th Feb - 9.00pm
Sat 16th Feb - 7.30pm
Sat 16th Feb - 9.00pm
Fri 22nd Feb - 7.30pm
Fri 22nd Feb - 9.00pm
Sat 23rd Feb - 7.30pm
Sat 23rd Feb - 9.00pm

Fri 1st Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 1st Mar - 9.00pm
Sat 2nd Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 8th Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 8th Mar - 9.00pm
Sat 9th Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 15th Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 15th Mar - 9.00pm
Sat 16th Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 22nd Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 22nd Mar - 9.00pm
Sat 23rd Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 29th Mar - 7.30pm
Fri 29th Mar - 9.00pm
Sat 30th Mar - 7.30pm

£13 each (no concessions)

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