The Flatmates

May 12th - July 8th 2006

Vanessa has, with the proceeds from a small inheritance, bought a small two-bedroom flat in London, her first home from home. This is an exciting time for Vanessa because she is now a home owner with a new job as a P.A. for a prominent politician and a new car. All she needs now is a flatmate to help lessen the financial burden of her high-flying life style. So, she places an advert in the local shop and waits for the response. Unfortunatley she only gets one person applying for the room, and even more unfortunately for Vanessa this 'one' is Tyler. Tyler is a dancer, just out of Dance School and impatiently waiting to be discovered. She has an agent, several auditions for dance companies, pop videos and West End musicals, and on the face of it she is an ideal tenant; two young women on the age of great success. They are like chalk and cheese, and as is often the way, seem to compliment each other. Unfortunately, life never ends up as it should, does it?

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