Gods Blessing
Gods Blessing Poster

This is the second in the Pilgrim Fathers Trilogy. God’s Blessing deals with the hazardous and dangerous crossing of the Atlantic in 1620.

With the fearful unpredictability of storms and the uncertainties of being becalmed, some of the group now start to question the wisdom of their quest.

Their faith in God is all that keeps them from a watery grave and a desire to turn back.

Please note: These episodes are self contained stories in their own right; you do not have to have seen previous episodes.

Abraham Rastagar Scott
Kate Eason
Aimi Percival


Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd March at 8.00pm

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th March at 8.00pm

Tickets are £10 / £8.50 concs (Thursday only)

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