The Masquerade

A Comedy Whodunnit

Starring...Lindsay Harding, Michelle Whitney, Laura Gillions & Clare Kenton

"This is a whodunit with a big difference and a hugely enjoyable comedic slant." to read full review by The Stage Newspaper CLICK HERE

After a resounding success last year, we are tickled pink to present another Jennifer Cramer mystery. Set in the 1930's charismatic Jennifer and her sensible chum Pippa Tompkins once again become involved in a ghastly murder and intrigue at their highly acclaimed boarding school for girls. This year the nasty business is set against the background of the jolly old school play, and promises to be such spiffing good fun that I can hardly wait myself! Who will be clever enough to unravel the puzzle of a seemingly perfect homicide before Jennifer's incisive brain reveals all? Which member of the audience will be sharp enough to pick up the cunningly hidden clues that lead to the eventual answer, and in so doing win a prestigious and greatly-sought-after bottle of wine? Gad! This is going to be so, so, very exciting!

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