quiet day
a quiet day

Annie is a successful and famous writer and although wealth has come her way, true romance has eluded her. She needs to sort her life out. And so what is needed is relaxation; a rest, a few peaceful moments of tranquillity, in fact ....a quiet day.

But this is a comedy, and the last thing our central character is going to get is ...a quiet day!


Friday 28th September - 8.00pm
Saturday 29th September - 7.30pm
Thursday 4th October - 8.00pm
Friday 5th October - 8.00pm
Saturday 6th October - 7.30pm
Thursday 11th October - 8.00pm
Friday 12th October - 8.00pm
Saturday 13th October - 7.30pm

£10 concessions £8.50 (Thursdays only)

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