Roman Romp
Roman Romp 2015

The third instalment of our hilarious Roman Romp series, best described as The Adult Panto meets Up Pompeii. Our heroine Frigella once again comes up with an ingenious plan to escape her life of sexual frustration within the temple of the Vestal Virgins. The only thing that will prevent it working is the unwanted help of her friend Bimbus. Set against the backdrop of the important Festival of Maximus Durex, the hilarious story is lain bare for all to see. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Please note: Those attending the Roman Romp have priority booking for the Adult Panto.

Fri 31st July - 7.30pm
Sat 1st August - 7.30pm
Fri 7th August - 7.30pm
Sat 8th August - 7.30pm
Fri 14th August - 7.30pm
Sat 15th August - 7.30pm
Fri 21st August - 7.30pm
Sat 22nd August - 7.30pm
Fri 28th August - 7.30pm
Sat 29th August - 7.30pm
Fri 4th September - 7.30pm
Sat 5th September - 7.30pm
Fri 11th September - 7.30pm
Sat 12th September - 7.30pm
Fri 18th September - 7.30pm
Sat 19th September - 7.30pm
Fri 25th September - 7.30pm
Sat 26th September - 7.30pm

All tickets are £14

Photos and Video Clips
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