A wonderful Christmas Show for children. This year we will be producing a new version of this classic children’s story. Once again, a happy outcome to the play will only be achieved with the help of the children, their parents and grandparents. Oh, yes it will! This play is aimed specifically at 4-9 year olds.


Sat 7th at 3.00pm
Sat 14th at 11.30am
Sat 14th at 1.30pm
Fri 20th at 5.00pm
Sat 21st at 11.30am
Sat 21st at 1.30pm
Fri 27th at 11.30am
Fri 27th at 1.30pm
Sat 28th at 11.30am
Sat 28th at 1.30pm

Tickets £9 No concessions

Photos and Video Clips
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