Adam Astill (Rabbit) & Snow White

Catherine Stacey (Queen) & Adam Astill (Mirror)

Snow White & The Dwarf
The Adult Panto

in High Wycombe

Starring Adam Astill, Helen Rolls & Catherine Stacey

Incredible as it may sound, some of you actually enjoyed last year's adult panto PUSS & DICK!, so, for your sins, The Market Theatre are returning with another one of their dubious pieces of seasonal culture with extra performances due to popular demand.

This 60 minute masterpiece of dramatic drivel is full of innuendo, bad acting, over-acting and hardly-any-acting! Adam Astill and Catherine Stacey will do their utmost to massacre the wonderful and magical story of Snow White, and do for Disney what Versuvius did for Pompeii! Catherine is energetically evil, Helen delightfully dumb and Adam plays a stunning mirror!

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Catherine & Adam (Dwarf) attempt to River Dance!


Song Time!