The Door
The Door

This frightening play has reincarnation as its topic and central theme. It propounds the theory that revenge can be exorcised across the barriers of time, and the maligned can be patient and have satisfaction in a later age; so ultimately no one can escape the claws of justice.

Bill is an innocent and cheerful travelling salesman, just looking for a bed for the night. However, even the unsuspecting Bill agrees with the landlady Emily, that he was somewhat drawn to the hotel.

Emily is curious about him and, having retold the story of her purchase of the hotel that had needed much restoration, she becomes convinced that there is more to their chance meeting than one would first imagine.


Friday 20th July- 8.00pm
Saturday 21st July - 7.30pm
Thursday 26th July- 8.00pm
Friday 27th July - 8.00pm
Saturday 28th July - 7.30pm
Thursday 2nd August - 8.00pm
Friday 3rd August - 8.00pm
Saturday 4th August - 7.30pm

£10 concessions £8.50 (Thursdays only)

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