The Invitation

Starring Lindsay Harding & Clive Dancey

October 19th -November 24th 2007


It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that are willing to pay to sit and be scared to death in our little theatre. It seems the attraction to cower and clasp the arm of the friend or stranger next to you is irresistible, and the numbers attending this production seem to grow each year. So for those strange addicts of fear, it's that time of the year again! The scary is upon us, and this year's play will no doubt give some of you sleepless nights and reason a plenty to keep the lights on through the coming dark and fearful winter months. The Invitation has its setting in normality and then moves gradually into the world of the unknown. You will possibly know what's coming, but you won't be sure from whence it will come or when it will come. The suspense will probably kill you even if the plot doesn't. Don't come alone, there's safety in numbers…isn't there?

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