The Letter
The Letter

The second in the Croft Mysteries involves the death of the detestable and manipulating Amelia Grafton, wealthy beyond belief, powerful and domineering in nature.

Her bullying nature and arrogant attitude to her immediate family and company secretary, lead to no surprise that the old lady is eventually murdered. But who is the culprit and why?

All seem to have just cause to hate her and consequently have the necessary motive to end the old lady’s life, but not so much the opportunity. Unless, of course, one of them is lying. A beautiful summer’s evening on the terrace of Grafton Hall is the setting for this compelling ‘Whodunit’.

The twists and turns of the plot eventually bring Croft to the answer and unsatisfactory conclusion of this mystery.


Friday 4th May - 8.00pm
Saturday 5th May - 7.30pm
Thursday 11th May - 8.00pm
Friday 12th May - 8.00pm
Saturday 13th May - 7.30pm
Thursday 17th May - 8.00pm
Friday 18th May - 8.00pm
Saturday 19th May - 7.30pm

£10, £8.50 concs (Thurs only)

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