The Revenge
(a whodunnit)

Lindsay Harding as Connie Crabtree & Sally Thorogood
Maiwenn Langlois as Rita Holloway & Angela Hardman
Danny Camp as Inspector Braggart (21st March - 19th April)
Glyn Doggett as Inspector Braggart (24th April - 26th April)

March 21st - April 26th 2008

THE REVENGE (A Whodunnit)

A new style of ‘Whodunnit’ opens with ‘The Revenge’. Set in the dressing room of a Strip Club in the seventies, the play introduces us to Inspector Braggatt who attempts to discover the killer of Teddy Hardman, the Strip Club’s wealthy and unpleasant owner. Usual thing, you get a chance to work out Who, How and Why and win a bottle of wine if you get it right! Only a six week run, so book early!

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