The Set Up

Starring Langley Brandon, Danny Camp & Simon Elwell

September 7th - Oct 13th 2007

THE SET UP (Comedy/Farce)

We open the new season with a comedy as usual although this year it verges on the farcical. The Set Up follows the line of ‘ ..the best laid plans of mice and men.' As in, it doesn't matter how well you plan something, something will always go wrong, and this is exactly what happens to Judy. Being an Investigative Journalist, incredibly confident and meticulously organised, she always runs the risk of being found out, because she can not legislate for the unexpected. It will take just one incident, or one unexpected visitor to throw a spanner in the works. Being surprised, she tries very hard to keep her plan ‘alive' and ‘ticking over', but despite constant efforts on her part a sticky and potentially embarrassing end lies just around the corner.


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